Ghost Machine

A project by Magda Ty┼╝lik-Carver and Andrew Prior

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Please send link to your film to Ghost Machine and we would be happy to add them below! Thanks.

Ghost Machine [source: pdf file of Local Colour by Derek Beaulieu, from andrew prior on Vimeo.

Ghost Machine [source: pfd file of manual for ghost machine here] from magda_tc on Vimeo.


Ghost Factory contributions:

Contribution 1: Paul Ridout, Spectres from a Victorial Magic Lantern Slide, uploaded 21 March 2013

Contribution 2: macdtv, dspc-macd remix, uploaded 23 March 2013

Contribution 3: Janet McEwan, Ghosthedge, recorded 23 March 2013

Ghosthedge from Janet McEwan on Vimeo.

Contributions 4, 5 were recorded during the Ghost Factory exhibition by various people. If you recognise any of these and you want to be credited, please get in touch.

CHARLIE FILM from magda_tc on Vimeo.


unknown 1 from magda_tc on Vimeo.


mandy from magda_tc on Vimeo.


earl from magda_tc on Vimeo.