Ghost Machine

A project by Magda Tyżlik-Carver and Andrew Prior

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Ghost Factory, a working exhibition on:
22 [4pm – 7 pm] and 23 [11am – 7pm] March, 2013
at the CMR
Royal Circus Buildings,
Back Lane West,
TR15 2BT

This is a voluntary work experience and there is considerable doubt it will be of any use in this life or thereafter.

Ghost Machine is an application [*] for instant remediation. It translates pdf files and quicktime movies into sound and video format. It is built with MaxMSP and can be downloaded here

Ghost Machine is an application, video, text [Invocation of Contingent Others] and manual, all created in response to the invitation to remix a conceptual novel Local Colour, by Derek Beaulieu; which in itself is ‘a page-by-page interpretation of Paul Auster’s 72–page novella Ghosts.’ (Beaulieu)

Ghost Factory in CMR, Redruth, Cornwall (UK) will feature a second iteration of the project, which will be opened up to further remediations within an exhibition context. We invite all workers to bring their own pdf files, and small quicktime movies ready for remediation. The aim is to produce own ghosts.

You are invited to save your attempts as a .mov file during the production process and take them home. You will need your own usb stick to save and transport it home. If so inclined, you can release your ghost by posting your film on vimeo or youTube or similar and send the links to Ghost Factory [**]. We will add the links to the repository here

The first iteration of Ghost Machine was published by (Malmö, Sweden) in 2012. see

Plan of work for Ghost Factory:
22 March - setting up (everyone welcome 4pm-7pm)
23 March - Ghost Factory working! (11am – 7pm)

Ghost Machine is a collaboration between Magda Tyzlik-Carver and Andrew Prior. Ghost Factory is curated by Magda Tyzlik-Caver.

see you in Redruth!

[*] Ghost Machine application is currently only compatible with MacOSX and needs Quicktime codec installed
[**] we recommend this option, as this is the only public prove that you actually performed the work. It is recognised, however, that some workers don’t care.